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Are you looking for seclusion, unspoiled nature and a pure, original life style? Are you interested in getting to know more about the indigenous people of Costa Rica? Then it is high time for a stay at the Tamandu Lodge!

The Carrera family is part of the indigenous people of the Guaymie tribe and lives in the reservation «Alto Laguna» on the peninsula Osa in the south-west of Costa Rica. This is where you will become vividly acquainted with the Guaymie's everyday life.

Board & Lodging


Rancho der Tamandu Lodge

The Rancho: relax outdoors in a hammock

Gäste-Bereich der Tamadu Lodge

The tourists' accomodation

WC/Dusche der Tamandu Lodge


Schlafzimmer mit Moskitonetzen auf der Tamandu Lodge

Bedroom with mosquito net

Kochen auf offenem Feuer in der Tamadu Lodge

Cooking over the open fire

Gallo Pinto in der Tamandu Lodge

«Gallo Pinto»

The tourists’ accomodation consists of three buildings and can accomodate up to 6 people: the main house with three bedrooms and a living room, the rancho (an open air terrace with a palm leaf roof and hammocks) and a little hut containing a water closet and a shower. All beds are equiped with mosquito nets.
There is another building for bigger groops with 6 bedrooms available as well, but early reservation is required to book it.

As there is no grocery or other sort of shop nearby, the family Carrera will be pleased to cook for you. The cooking is done over the open fire and the main menu components are rice, corn, tuber vegetables, beans and lots of fruit. Already for breakfast you will get to know the traditional Costa Rican meal "Gallo Pinto" (rice with beans), accompanied by fresh fruit from the garden.






At the Tamandu Lodge people are keen to show you the original life style of the indigenous Costa Rican people and they want you to become a part of it:

  • Participate at a guided tour through the rainforest and get to know its outstanding biodiversity: Be amazed by the numerous plants and animals and find out what nature offers you to drink and eat.

  • Hike to the river «Baqueano», to refresh and enjoy a picnic at the river bank. If you are really lucky you might even catch a fish for lunch!

  • Let the Guaymie teach you their knowledge about medicinal plants against poison, pain and injuries.

  • Learn how to make little bags or even huge palm-leaf roofs out of natural materials.

  • Participate at gardening or help taking care of the domestic animals.

  • Leave the interent and your smartphone behind while playing soccer or volleyball with the Carrera family.

And if you prefer to have a break, feel free to lie in one of the hammocks to rest your sould or read a book. We are convinced that you will leave the Tamandu Lodge with unforgettable impressions and new energy!




Accomodation with full board and one activity cost US$ 75 per person and night.
We offer special prices for children under 16 years.

(subject to price changes)




Esteban & Daniela with their kids


Father Teodoro


Anastasio & Matilda with their kids

The Carrera family will give you a very warm welcome at the Tamandu Lodge. This Lodge is a family business, consisting of three generations. Father Teodoro is the head of the family and owner of the Tamandu Lodge while his sons, Anastasio and Esteban, with their children are responsible for the guests.


The Carrera family speaks Guaymie and Spanish; it is therefore helpful if you have a basic knowledge of the Spanish language. Daniela has been born and raised in Switzerland; besides Spanish she also speaks German, French and English.

Getting there




Arriving in Costa Rica

Most international flights arrive in the afternoon or evening in San José/Alajuela. If you are looking for an overnight accommodation, we can recommend the Finca «Berna Tica», run by Dora Schenk, which is only 20 minutes away from the airport.


Journey to the peninsula Osa

  • By bus/taxi: The easiest way to the south is taking the bus «Transportes Blanco Lobo» from San José. It is leaving in the early morning heading to Puerto Jimenez and takes 8 hours to get to La Palma. From there you will reach the Tamandu Lodge by taxi in approx. 40 minutes.

  • ​By rental car: If you rent a 4 x 4 car you can drive to the Tamandu Lodge by yourself. We will send you for getting there with you booking confirmation.

  • By plane/bus/taxi: As far as national flights from San José to Puerto Jimenez is concerned, it's best to geht the necessary information at the airpoirt (tickets). From Puerto Jimenez to La Palma the bus only needs 30 minutes. This is where you can get a taxi to the Tamandu Lodge. Or you can drive the whole distance from Puerto Jimenez to the Tamandu Lodge by taxi

Travel time

December to April (main season): the weather is most of the time beautiful and warm while many trees are flowering and nature becomes very colourful.

Mai to November (off-season): days are cooler and less oppressive while nature becomes even more green.

That's why both seasons have their advantages and attractions.

Costa Ricas Blumenpracht
Vogelgelege im Urwald, Costa Rica
Der Tamandu (Nasenbär), Costa Rica
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